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origin_3269784239You’re keenly aware that frequency and consistency are key to content marketing success, but producing quality material without a little help can leave you strapped for time. You and your team need to be on top of all aspects of your marketing strategy, including planning, creation, distribution and analytics. If you let even one of these essential components get away from you, even increased focus on other areas won’t make up for slighting the others.

The good news is that content marketers don’t have to go it alone or use a manual workflow to get the best results. It seems like every week brings a new solution for handling the more mundane tasks, even beyond what a content marketing tool or platform can provide. And these tools just keep getting more advanced as online marketing becomes the norm among companies of all sizes. It’s time to take advantage of the latest tools, technology and content marketing software that will prevent you from reinventing the wheel. 

Canva: Images are critical to content promotion and there’s plenty of proof out there that quality graphics rank higher and more effectively than text alone. But both your budget and logistics can prevent you from heading to a graphic designer every time you need to make a statement with imagery. Canva is a design tool for dummies, giving a professional edge to your images. It’s especially useful when you have evergreen content that could use a little imagery update.

SEMrush: At least some part of content marketing involves keeping tabs on your competition, knowing what they’re doing and what content is popular among your target audience. SEMrush will really open your eyes by enabling you to check the traffic of your competitors – namely what concepts are driving it and which keywords are making it happen. If you’re looking to cut costs, opt for the free version, which gives you the top 10 keywords that are directing prospects to your competitor.

Edit Flow: Next to your content marketing software, an editorial calendar is absolutely crucial for success. Having a documented approach ensures that you stay on schedule and makes you more productive – thereby allowing you to deliver higher quality content. Edit Flow is a free and easy to use calendar plug-in that’s available through WordPress and it’s easily customizable. Match your workflow to features that help streamline idea creation, viewing drafts and the review process.

Do Share: This tool is actually a plug-in for users of Google Chrome who want to schedule their content posts to a Google+ profile. There is no functionality for automatic postings via Google, so Do Share picks up where that platform leaves off. Essentially, Do Share holds the content you designate until the time you indicate that it’s “Due,” and then it will post the material for you.

BuzzSumo: Not all types of content resonate with your target audience, so you’ll find BuzzSumo useful in determining what’s getting shared by your prospects. This technology takes a website – whether it’s yours or a competitor’s – and tells you what content has been shared the most across all the major social media channels.

Zapier: This automation tool connects you with over 300 different applications via “zaps” that perform automated tasks for you. You trigger the task in the set up and Zapier will launch the relevant application to assist with various content marketing efforts. The possibilities are almost limitless, so take a look at some examples of Zapier in action:

  • Set up a zap connecting your Facebook posts to a queue application, so that your content is sent out to other channels simultaneously.
  • When someone favorites a tweet on Twitter, you can zap it to a note application like Evernote or Google Keep.
  • Zap your Instagram images to your Pinterest profile.
  • Send your LinkedIn status updates to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Share your blog posts on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Quill Engage: When performance assessment via Google Analytics becomes an overwhelming chore, it’s time to have a look at Quill Engage. This technology gives you a bird’s eye view of how your hard content work is paying off without the need for an advanced degree in website analytics.

When it comes to content marketing, it’s all about productivity and making the most efficient use of your time with the best available tools. A content marketing platform should certainly be an integral part of your workflow, but it’s worth looking at other solutions as a supplement to your technology. You’ll see more success when your manpower is concentrating more on the creative side and less on the repetitive tasks.

Which one is your favorite? Will you be trying one of these solutions? We’d love to hear from you.






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