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12 Guidelines for Getting the Very Best Website Content Writing


Generating eye-catching content on a consistent basis is a difficult task, made even worse when your audience doesn’t interact, misses the point or doesn’t even click. It’s not enough to create fantastic material if it doesn’t resonate with the readers you’re trying to attract. Many marketers find that producing website content writing that engages potential customers is their biggest challenge, so you’re not alone.

When you publish material that your target audience shares, forwards and links to from other sources, you drive traffic to your website and get people talking about your brand. It’s actually doing it that leaves many stumped, even the best website content writing services out there. Here are a few guidelines that can help you get over the content writing slump and put out material that truly resonates with your prospects.

1. Start with an attention-grabbing header. If you don’t make an impact with a powerful title, your audience won’t click through and you’ve lost a potential customer. Give them something to make them think they’re really missing out on some great material if they don’t visit your site.

2. Include the most important information first. Your prospects have a short attention span, so you need to put the crucial details toward the beginning of your content. Creating great content isn’t like writing an essay where you start with a summary of your material. Give them the one-two punch and they’ll stay engaged.

3. Stick to the point. Your head might be full of great ideas for content, but you can’t put them all in one post. Stay on topic by starting with a single question that’s relevant to your readers. If you find yourself straying with any information that doesn’t directly answer that question, toss it.

4. Make an impact with graphics and images. Some readers need visual aids to understand the point you’re trying to make. Illustrate with pictures or charts, which have the added bonus of breaking up long blocks of text.

5. Website content writing must be clear and concise. Your head is full of ideas, but you only need to use a few words to get your message across. Eliminate the chattiness and state your purpose with clarity.

6. Know that your audience is probably a bit lazy. Your readers will immediately be overwhelmed by lots of text, so break it up with bullet points, numbered lists and varying fonts. Also, use short paragraphs to keep their eyes focused and less prone to wandering.

7. Keep your SEO in mind. Content is king, but that doesn’t mean you ignore your SEO. Do some research to find the trending terms and phrases, and build your material around them. Your audience can’t check out your amazing content if they can’t find it.

8. Tell a story with real-life examples. Connect with your audience by telling them about what you did when faced with a challenge or solved a problem. Storytelling makes your how-to guides come to life and gives you credibility.

9. Make sure your website content writing connects the dots. Your prospects are looking for information that eases their business pain, so stick with a simple formula that shows them how you solve problems. Start with a question, show them how you answer it, then give examples.

10. Use numbers to illustrate your point. When you have something to prove, nothing is more effective than statistics generated by a reputable source. There are plenty of resources online to find the right proof you need.

11. Create a compelling call to action. You’ve gotten their attention and they’ve absorbed your content, now tell them what you want them to do next. Dangle a carrot like a white paper or eBook where they can get additional information.

12. Ask for audience participation. Make your readers part of the process by encouraging them to get involved with your content. Ask a question or solicit their opinions on a relevant topic to get them interacting with your brand. You might try conducting a contest to give them an incentive.

Hopefully, several of these take your website content writing from weak to WOW. What do you think about these suggestions? Have they worked for you? Please share your feedback.

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