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5 Celebrities Who are Nailing the Content Development Game and What You Can Learn from Them

The internet has had a remarkable effect on marketing, boosting awareness of the latest movies, TV and music through social media, blogs and other online content. Web-savvy stars are engaging fans through these platforms, recognizing that this new generation absorbs more information on the internet than other media. Celebrities and their sophisticated content development teams have transitioned past the old forms of promotion, and are building enormous fan bases with the click of a mouse. As stars move online to raise brand awareness and market their projects, they drive ratings and box office sales.

Certain celebrities have risen to the top of the pack through their online marketing efforts. Here are five that are dominating cyberspace through rich content development solutions that attract fans and encourage interaction.

1. Vin Diesel: Facebook

With 72.3 million followers on this popular social media platform, Vin Diesel is at the top of the pack among celebrities with active Facebook profiles. A wise move, considering that a star’s social footprint is one of the best places to launch a content development strategy when their new movie or album is released. The huge amount of exposure comes at a low cost when compared to the expense of promoting via TV or print. His presence increased significantly after he published an emotional tribute to friend Paul Walker when the star perished in a car accident. Unlike some other celebrities who use teams to manage their social media profiles, Vin handles all posts himself.


2. Gwyneth Paltrow: GOOP

It seems like every celebrity tries to take the art of blogging to a new level, and Gwyneth Paltrow is one who has succeeded with GOOP. She covers all sorts of topics in her lifestyle blog, including parenting, recipes, interior design, fashion and family. Gwyneth also promotes certain causes and become involved with charity work, all of which she documents through her posts. Her material engages readers who want to know how it feels to live the life of a celebrity, to buy the products she buys and make the meals she eats. In a short time, she’s attracted millions of visitors and also pushes blog content through GOOP’s email newsletter.

3. Emma Watson: Twitter

This starlet has come a long way since her Harry Potter days, attracting 12.8 million followers on Twitter. Part of her appeal is her enthusiastic interaction with fans, posting comments and earning re-tweets that boost her social media following. Emma employs a team to handle her content development solutions, but has oversight on her social media activities. She speaks to fans directly and honestly to make the connection more personal. Twitter has enabled her to move beyond her Hermione character, discussing her upcoming projects that show her depth as an actress.

4. Katy Perry: Kitty Purry’s Blog

This performer is known for her wacky style and adventurous personality, which comes through in her blog content. She’ll post pictures of her posing with pets and fans, demonstrating the human side to music fame. Katy accounts for her activities while on tour throughout the world, adding photo captions and video descriptions that are both engaging and silly. She often mentions family members, showing her deep connection with parents and siblings.

5. Jay Z: Life + Times

Jay Z’s contribution to the blogosphere is A more interactive experience and less tedious blog, which is why he’s gained an enormous following of fans. He considers his blog to be a collection of inspiration from all sources, including music, food, art, style and sports. As he’s established his brand, Jay Z has also become a major influence in these areas, taking his content to new levels with marketing and storytelling. The layout and design of Life + Time’s are also key to its success. The page is set up in graphical image blocks which reveal the article title and date when a user hover over them.

While other celebrities draw huge fan bases through online marketing, these five are hitting it out of the ballpark to increase visibility of their brand. Who else would you add to this list? What stars are seeing tremendous success with their content development strategies? Please feel free to add your picks in the comments.

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