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7 Cool Website Content Writing Tools to Consider


It doesn’t matter if you focus on blogs, website content writing or other material, having access to the best online tools can save you time and money. Plus, they’re immensely helpful when you’re brainstorming to come up with outstanding material to engage your readership. If you can also get a boost in your SEO, you get a bonus by moving up the search engine results page. Here are some tools from website content writing services that might save your life the next time you’re suffering from writer’s block.

1. WordPress: It seems like everyone has a blog these days and with tools like WordPress, it’s easy to see why. This platform enables writers to create sites and pages, with simple upload tools for images, text and hyperlinking. They even offer templates so that you can develop your site around a specific theme.

2. BrainyQuote: When you want content that resonates with your prospects, including a witty or intriguing quote can make your material really stand out. BrainyQuote is a site that has gathered millions of interesting quips from famous authors, celebrities and other public figures. You can search by the speaker or a particular topic, including success, inspirational, work or leadership. There’s even a section that allows you to browse through picture quotes.  

3. ThingLink: This tool offers the best of fun and function. ThingLink enables you to upload an image and add icons that appear when a user hovers over the graphic. The icon allows them to interact, such as view text, link to another page on your site or share on social media.

4. Keyword Planner: Even before Google released its Hummingbird algorithm in late 2013, online marketers avoided keyword stuffing in favor of providing high-quality content to their readership. But you still need to know the types of keywords and phrases that are likely to attract your potential customers. Keyword Planner allows to you plan groups of phrases so that you can build your content around SEO principles, making your material multi-task. The platform is actually meant for marketers that use Google’s AdWords, but it’s free to use when you open an account.

5. HubSpot’s EBook Templates: Developing an eBook on certain relevant topics in your industry can really show off your level of expertise and earn trust from your potential customers. They can be time consuming to create, however, as you need both writing and design skills. HubSpot offers free eBook templates as PDFs, so you can customize them to create your masterpiece.

6. Boomerang: Gmail users have access to a tool that improves efficiency for your email marketing. Boomerang allows you to write an email at your leisure, then automatically send it at a designated time. It also has an archive feature that removes messages from your cluttered inbox until you actually want to access them. Boomerang will store it until a time of your choosing, then replace it. You can opt to have it marked as unread, include a star or put it at the top of your list.

7. Google Alerts: New website content writing ideas can be hard to come by when you need to post frequently, but Google Alerts can help when you’ve run out of inspiration. When you sign up for the service, you insert a number of keywords and phrases on topics in your industry. You’ll receive an alert by email whenever new content goes online that contains your selected terms. The advantage is that you’ll hear about new articles and content immediately, giving you an edge over your competition by providing breaking news that’s informative to your potential customers. Share the content on social media and encourage interaction from your followers.

Another benefit to Google Alerts is that it gives you an idea of what prospects and people in your industry are talking about online, as well as where they’re hanging out. Make sure you include an alert of your name, company name and competitors so you stay current on what’s being said about you in your industry.

These website content writing tools should really help you “wow” your potential customers, though there are certainly plenty more out there. Have you used any of these? What’s your favorite?

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