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8 Things the Best Website Content Writing Companies Have in Common


If you’ve been keeping your online marketing and website content writing campaigns in-house, you’re probably coming to realize the significant time investment you must make to do it well. Creating captivating content isn’t easy, especially if you’re not a great writer and are also trying to operate your business. Many business owners are realizing that using website content writing services are worthwhile and becoming essential in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Once you decide to make the leap, look for a few common characteristics that separate the best firms from the pack.

1. They’ve found solutions to challenges similar to yours for other clients.

When a website content writing agency has seen success achieving the same goals in the past, they’re positioned to accomplish them again. Proof of performance is also a sign that the firm has worked in your industry before and has experience with like-minded companies. Great content starts with a solid foundation and a content strategist who has developed a winning campaign before is prepared to tackle challenges again.

2. The firm uses professional journalists with expertise on a wide array of topics.

Some online marketing agencies hire freelance writers that can develop content dealing with just about any topic; a great agency hires experienced journalists that also have in-depth knowledge of the issues and trends in your industry. The best will also request your input by providing a header and outline of an article, then waiting for your approval before they create the content.

3. They express interest in working with you beyond just cashing your check.

If you get the feeling that the firm simply wants your money and is lukewarm about the project, that’s a sure sign to look elsewhere. You want an agency that demonstrates true passion about working with your company and generating quality work that gets results.

4. The best website content writing firms provide case studies.

The best way of gauging how well an agency will work for your company is to see what they’ve done for other clients. If they don’t offer, which they should, you should ask for case studies. You want to know how their online marketing efforts performed in key areas and solved problems for others. They’re especially useful when you see how the firm succeeded in attaining a goal similar to what you’d like to see for your company.

5. High quality website content writing services know the difference between content and copy. When you’re writing copy, you’re creating material that’s intended to bring about action from the reader, such as making a purchase or another action that moves a lead further along in the buying process. Content, on the other hand, is meant to relate information that educates the reader, encourages engagement and creates a connection. There are situations where you’ll need one, the other or both; the best agencies know the difference and can use content and copy effectively.

6. They have knowledge of your industry.

While it’s important for a firm to have extensive experience in online marketing, it should also have thorough knowledge of your industry. Without an understanding of the unique challenges your customers face, they cannot create content that resonates with your target audience.

7. Great website content writing companies incorporate SEO.

The primary purpose of writing fantastic content is to attract the attention of your prospects and encourage them to connect with your company; however, you also need sound content that’s built around SEO principles if you want to be found by potential customers looking for relevant information. The best firms can develop engaging content while also including trending keywords and phrases that will move your company up on search engine results pages.

8. They’re honest about the services they outsource.

These days, it’s common for agencies to hire out for at least some of their services. Make sure they’re upfront about what projects they outsource and who they use.

Making the decision to hire out for your website content writing services is an easy one; deciding on the right firm for your business is not. What are some of the things you look for in an agency? Have you found the right one?

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