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9 Reasons Why the Content Marketing Institute is the Go To Source for All Things Content Marketing


Whether you’re a newbie at content marketing or an online guru, having a great content marketing association in your back pocket as a resource is crucial. The Content Marketing Institute is one of the top organizations to head to when you need guidance, new ideas or a brush up course. Here are a few reasons why to bookmark CMI and pay them a visit often.

1. The Content Marketing Institute offers a “Getting Started Guide” for those new to content marketing.

You can’t succeed in content marketing without the basics and CMI has you covered with its comprehensive material for those just getting their feet wet. You’ll learn about the principles that make inbound marketing unique and how effective this approach can be when compared to traditional, outbound strategies.

2. The organization plays host to Content Marketing World in September every year.

CMI organizes an annual event that’s become the go-to conference for content marketing professionals. The format is fun, yet informative, with plenty of opportunities for networking with your peers. This past year’s speakers included actor Kevin Spacey, Kraft Foods media pro Julie Fleischer, and CMI head Joe Pulizzi.

3. CMI presents webinars to help content marketing professionals with strategies.

Even if you’ve been in the industry for awhile, you can always use a few tips from other professionals. The Institute offers a series of webinars featuring some of the biggest names in content marketing, such as bloggers, social media experts and brand leaders.

4. The CMI Online Training and Certification Course gives you a strong foundation to succeed.

One of the most demanding certification courses in content marketing is the curriculum offered by CMI, which includes more than 19 hours of in-depth sessions. The course focuses on the crucial topics you need to master in order to be successful, led by expert instructors.

5. The Content Marketing Institute can help inspire you.

We all suffer from writer’s block at times, but new ideas are always within a mouse click on the publications CMI creates. You can read innovative articles every day on their blog site or sign up for their email newsletter, which is offered on a daily or weekly basis.

6. Their publication, Chief Content Officer, is an excellent source for marketing executives.

If you’re a marketing manager or aspire to be, the CMI magazine is not to be missed. It’s important for people in your position to stay on top of industry developments, hear how others are finding success and learn about tools and technologies that are constantly evolving.

7. CMI offers an extensive library of white papers on content marketing.

White papers offer a high-level, detailed look at specific topics that are both relevant and timely for today’s content marketers. The library at CMI has material covering strategy, creation of buyer personas, social media tips and much more.

8. The PNR Podcast is an informative presentation on trends in content marketing.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll hear a handful of the latest developments in content marketing and the raves and rants of CMI’s top pros. There’s also time dedicated to examples that are making waves in the industry, so you’re sure to learn a few new ideas to boost your marketing strategy.

9. CMI provides consulting services to help you build a comprehensive content marketing campaign.

Many companies make the mistake of handling their online marketing efforts on their own, a mistake when you consider the learning curve. CMI offers expert consulting services to help you develop a strategy that puts your organization’s marketing goals within reach. Services include workshops and coaching sessions intended to school your team on content marketing principles.

You can see why the Content Marketing Institute is top notch in the business: You can learn a lot from their blogs, publications and other online content. What’s your go-to guide when it comes to content marketing? Do you have other resources? We’d love to hear them.

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