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Arming Your Sales Team with Content Intelligence


Arming-Your-Sales-Team-with-Content-IntellegenceTrue sports fans will always find a way to analogize their favorite pastime to some area of their lives. From relationships to household projects to cooking, sports nuts can draw parallels that give more meaning to mundane concepts. Even content marketers use sports when planning their approach, especially when it comes to analytics. Using your content marketing software to analyze stats and assess campaign performance doesn’t seem so dull when you think of yourself as a team recruiter, scouting new talent for the next star athlete. These numbers provide valuable insight to your sales team when they need a leg up over your competition. Here’s how.

Don’t sit your star player on the bench.

Various content marketing studies have shown that a large percentage of the content that marketers churn out sits unused in cyberspace, a staggering figure considering the time and effort that goes into creating it. Sadly, this is the material that can be most valuable to your sales team, even though it’s intended for lead generation and nurturing. There are a few reasons why your sales department isn’t taking advantage of your content:

  • They’re not aware that the content exists;
  • Team members don’t have the time to search for relevant content; and,
  • Your sales department believes there’s too much content to sort through in order to access what they need.

Knowing why your sales team doesn’t use your content is just half the battle, however: You much also reach out to individual reps and evaluate various stages of their workflow. For example, if they don’t know that the content exists, find out whether they’re creating their own material. You may find that there’s a serious disconnect between your marketing and sales departments, resulting in duplication of effort.

Even with content marketing software, management of the material within your solution is quite complex. You’re not just dealing with Word files, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. Today, your content comes in different formats and from different sources. How difficult is it to access and sort through all the content types to reach the right material? If finding what they need is complicated and time consuming, you can be sure your content won’t be effectively used by your sales team.

As such, you cannot rely on one folder in your server labeled “Marketing Materials.” Instead, you must develop a content management and organization paradigm that enables both marketing and sales to access, review and deliver the content they need, when they need it.

Your sales team needs to hit the field with all available tools.

All departments within an organization must leverage content marketing analytics in order to identify the material that closes sales. Imagine if you could pinpoint the content that’s used the most by your top sales reps, determine how often they present it and figure out the sales cycle stage that they’re delivering it. Your marketing team would be able to tweak their efforts to align with the best performers and eliminate the material that doesn’t fare so well. They could also put a priority on certain content formats and topics in direct response to what your target customers want.

Enter content intelligence. Your content marketing platform gathers the analytics, so it’s up to you to make sense of them and measure use by your sales team. You can then take this insight to your reps to boost productivity and eliminate the blind searching for content they need at a specific stages of the sales cycle.

Take steps now to get in the game.

  1. Implement content intelligence to appreciate the needs of your sales team. A mobile solution is an effective way to determine who is using what, when and how frequently. Sales benefits from increased efficiency in delivering content, while marketing is able to improve content relevance and efficacy. Mapping content to different stages in the sales funnel tells you when to present certain content.
  1. Enable your mobile sales force. They’re in the field the majority of the time, so you need a solution that delivers content via mobile device. Plus, it needs to be pushing the material to them rather than requiring them to search for relevant information.
  1. Present the best possible user experience. Different content mediums and messages appeal to different prospects, so keep this in mind when delivering content. Text may be the best format for some industries, while images are the way to go with others.

That content marketing platform you invested in isn’t doing much good if you’re not analyzing the numbers it collects to gauge performance of your campaigns. Your sales team needs all the help they can get, considering that your target audience has already done their homework long before reaching out. What analytics are most valuable to your team? Give us your thoughts.


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