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Jon Wuebben is the CEO of Content Launch, which offers the first content marketing software built for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) and digital agencies. Content Launch also provides content writing and content strategy services for hundreds of companies and digital agencies. His book, "Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile", helps businesses learn how to plan, create, distribute and manage content. "Content is Currency" has been published in six countries worldwide.

Jon has spoken at Content Marketing World, Online Marketing Summit, South by Southwest (SXSW), Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Social Media Marketing World, New Media Expo, Intelligent Content Conference, Content Marketing Retreat, Lavacon, ADMA (Australia), BIA Kelsey Small Business Forum, the Media Relations Summit and for many organizations, including Hubspot, Intuit, the American Marketing Association and Shop.org as well as industry groups in the areas of content marketing, mobile marketing and entrepreneurship. He has been listed as a thought leader in the content marketing space by countless publications since 2008.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Go Off Shore for Blog Writing Services

BLOG_18You’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and never has the saying been truer than when hiring an offshore blog writing service to post attention-grabbing content online. Of course, your budget is a primary consideration when you’re trying to find an agency, but you don’t really save money when your website traffic diminishes and you lose your audience.

While blog writing services may be able to improve your SEO with the right use of keyword tools, writing for native English speakers is far more complicated than making sure your content hits the target keyword density. Here are seven reasons you should keep things stateside and invest in a company that knows the subtleties of the English language.

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What You Should Look for in a Blog Writing Service


Even if you know that posting frequent, high-quality blog content is essential for a successful online marketing strategy, you might still not have the time and expertise to get the job done. Either your content suffers or your consistency fails, and you lag behind your competition. It should ease your mind that others have been there and solved the problem, whether they hire an in-house writer or outsource for blog writing services. If you’re inclined to go with a service, making the right choice is critical to your success. There are a few things you should look for when trying to find a blog writing service for your company, so make sure to do the leg work and make it happen.

Make sure the firm knows your target audience.

Well-run agencies start from the position of understanding their readership, including what they’re buying and why they need it. Your potential customers are looking for relevant, timely information they need to make business decisions, and it’s the job of your marketing firm to know where and when they need to deliver this content. Ask about the process they go through for developing buyer personas to see how well they research their target audience. 

Look for blog writing services that can anticipate questions and respond.

The best blog writers are those that put themselves in the shoes of their audience and think about the questions the audience will have while reading a piece of material. They’ll then develop their content around responding to these questions, even before the reader asks. Great bloggers formulate thorough, thoughtful answers that leave the audience wanting to click through.

Go for a firm that knows how to optimize content for SEO.

A high ranking on the search engine results pages isn’t your primary goal, but the best content marketing services do utilize SEO principles when developing content. It doesn’t matter if they’ve created excellent blog material, your prospects won’t find it if it doesn’t include the keywords and phrases they’re looking for.

Hire the best blog writing service that you can afford.

Considering their importance to your online presence, lead generation and attracting website traffic, your blogging approach is not the place to skimp on cost. Have a good look at your budget, revenue and gross profits to see how much you can afford. As a word of advice, you should invest more of your budget if you’re a start up company compared to one that’s been doing business awhile. If it hurts to get out that checkbook, keep in mind that online marketing has much more potential and better ROI than old school advertising.

Find out if the agency can blog about issues in your industry.

When it comes to hiring a blog writing firm, you’re looking for depth, not breadth. If they tell you they write about any topic in any industry, this is an indication that they’re not great in any single area. Your target audience is increasingly sophisticated and will be conducting a significant amount of research online before making purchasing decisions: They’ll know if the information on your blog is hard-hitting or generic. To figure out whether an agency is dedicated to your field, ask about their subscriptions to industry publications and professional affiliations.

Choose an agency staffed with native English speakers.

One way many companies believe they can save on advertising dollars is by hiring offshore blog writing services to handle their writing. After all, having access to cheap writing labor can certainly allow you to post blog material frequently and improve your SEO. However, quantity is worth very little when the quality of writing suffers. As much as they may try to master the English language, non-native speakers aren’t familiar with certain nuances and industry slang. Your readers can tell when you’ve hired offshore to save a few bucks and they’ll lose respect.

This is just the short list of what you should look for once you’ve decided to hire an agency to manage your blog. There are other things to consider, and you’ve always got to keep your budget in mind. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with your company’s blog writing services? What would you change?


The Latest Content Marketing Services and Technologies That You Should Use Right Now


If you’re on board with the whole concept of content marketing, you know how it can drive traffic, engage your customers and raise online awareness of your brand. You also know that quality content holds the key to your success, and that informative, valuable material is the way to go. So when you’re drawing a blank on creating something innovative and amazing that will show off your expertise, you might need some help from content marketing services that can open your mind. Here are the latest tools and technologies you should be using to connect with your target audience.

1. LookBookHQThis tool is best used for telling your story through images, video and other content. You can embed the material and then share on social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The focus is on the visual component of the content, which is in the layout of a memo board with clickable blocks that take the user directly to the landing page. The bonus is that there are analytics available that can help you measure success, as well as tools to integrate with your CRM technology.

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Trying to Choose a Digital Agency but Confused? Content Marketing Services vs. SEO Services and Why You Need Both


You already know that strengthening your online presence is essential for staying competitive in your industry and driving sales, but there’s more to online marketing than just posting blogs around trending keywords. Chances are that you don’t have the specialized knowledge of online marketing if you’re already running a business. Plus, you need to master the latest online marketing tools, a process that can be extremely time consuming.

So when it’s time to consider hiring one of the many content marketing services to help boost your brand, it can be confusing to find the right fit, especially when certain firms specialize in SEO principles and others tout their skills as a content marketing service. The fact is that you really need both for a variety of reasons.

What do content marketing services do?

An agency specializing in content marketing will start by assessing your company and industry, and then developing a strategy that pushes the right material to your target customer. Timing is also important, as you want to present the right type of information in front of your prospect at a particular stage within the buying cycle. Keywords and position on the search engine results page is secondary to creating informative material that educates potential customers and earns their trust. Content marketing services consider themselves successful when they’re able to engage and encourage interaction with the target audience.

How do SEO firms approach online marketing?

These companies focus on trending keywords, user behavior and analytics as they relate to searches on the web. SEO agencies strive to move their client companies up in the search rankings by publishing content that’s centered on certain keywords and phrases, namely those that consumers are inputting when looking for certain types of information. They analyze data to create content, as opposed to a content marketing service that uses compelling material to create it. An SEO company will spend the majority of their efforts on data analysis, such as search volume and site traffic. SEO firms consider themselves successful when their marketing efforts boost a company higher on the search engine results pages.

Why would you need both types?

It’s true that the key difference between SEO and content marketing agencies is the approach they take to creating content. However, going with one strategy does not necessarily exclude the other; in fact, there are reasons why you want to use the best of both worlds in developing your online marketing campaign.

  • A combined approach means you’re creating solid content that’s more likely to be found by searchers. It’s useless to create content that your readers don’t need and aren’t searching for. By using SEO principles, you can establish the keywords and trending phrases that your potential customers are inputting as search queries. Once you have this information, you can develop content around the topics that are more likely to engage your prospects.
  • Using both content marketing and SEO means you get a boost from social media. Even after you’ve created fantastic content, you still need to get the word out through promotion efforts. The best method to reach your immediate audience is by sharing your material, which they will also share with their followers if it’s really attention-grabbing. The bonus is that the search engines pick up on these trending keywords, which will position your content on search engine results pages.
  • Merging content with SEO means you can fill the void. If you’ve ever browsed through “wiki” sites, you know that there are often broken links referencing back to a dead site. This is your opportunity to step in where another company has left off. Take time to develop content on the same topic, and then create your own page. You can use the wiki site’s edit function to paste the URL for your material. 

This guide should help you find the best agency for your company, one that can put together the optimal blend of content marketing services and SEO. What other factors do you consider when hiring an online marketing firm? Do you have any other suggestions for others looking for an agency? Please share your thoughts.


The Best Blog Writing Services vs. All the Rest: Why 80% of Industry Firms aren’t Worth Your Time or Money


Hiring a blog writing service is one of the hottest trends among company owners who realize the importance of publishing informative content, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it effectively. Creating engaging blog content on a frequent basis has many benefits, for both inbound marketing purposes and SEO. So if you can’t do it yourself, you should consider using blog writing services to handle it for you.

But it’s not easy to find the right firm that can showcase your industry knowledge and generate leads for your company. There are countless agencies out there, so it’s important to know how to separate the good from the bad. To help you decide on a service, you need to look at what makes one successful and what gets a thumb’s down.

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8 Ways You Can Benefit by Using a Reputable Content Marketing Service

Blog_11Today’s internet savvy business owners know that a strong web presence is key to generating leads and converting sales, and many are keeping their content marketing efforts in-house to save costs. But the world of online marketing is increasing in complexity, making it difficult to stay current in the industry while also running your business. More companies than ever are turning to content marketing services to strategize and develop eye-catching material that attracts potential customers. There are a variety of reasons you might want to consider hiring a reputable online marketing firm to take the reigns.

1. Content marketing agencies generate leads and sales more efficiently.

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The 9 Defining Characteristics of the Best Content Marketing Services

Blog_12As companies continue to use content marketing services online and turn away from traditional methods, many are finding the task to be too time-consuming to keep in-house. At the same time, a higher level of expertise is necessary to stay current with newer technologies and tools for inbound marketing. Since it’s essential that you publish material to engage your prospects with relevant information, you might consider hiring a content marketing service to tackle your online efforts.

Of course, it’s not easy to find the right agency for your company when you want the best but need to stick to a budget. To help you with the decision-making process, consider a few characteristics the most reputable firms have in common.

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The Beginners Guide to Content Development

Blog_7Your company is only as good as its online content development, as it can either make or break your brand. It’s not enough to stay competitive with other businesses anymore, as you’re now competing for very fickle consumer attention. Your audience is constantly bombarded with content that’s too sales-y or irrelevant, so they’re turned off by typical advertising that just touts your brand and offerings. You need truly mesmerizing content development services that center on informative, attention-grabbing topics that are important to your target customers. If you’re just starting off with an inbound marketing campaign, you can probably use a beginner’s guide to making it happen.

Content Marketing in a Nutshell

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7 Distinguishing Characteristics of the Best Content Marketing Agencies in Business Today


Once you understand the importance of engaging, thought provoking content for your online marketing campaign, you’ll realize that hiring a firm to help is probably a smart business decision. Online marketing is a very specialized segment of the advertising industry, requiring both high-level expertise and experience in developing a company’s brand. It also involves a significant time investment, which is tough to commit to while also running your business.

So now that you’ve decided to move forward, it’s time to choose a firm from the wide array of content marketing agencies offering their services. Chances are you’ve never hired an agency before, so you might feel apprehensive about the process and unsure of the qualities that make a firm stand apart from the rest. There are a few distinguishing factors that you’ll see among the best leaders in the industry.

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