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Oops! Don’t Make These 8 Content Marketing Mistakes!


Creating the engaging content you need to drive website traffic, improve SEO and promote your business online can be a demanding process. It’s also expensive in terms of time, effort and money. So it’s crucial that you make wise choices when implementing a strategy and publishing material. Content marketing mistakes are easy to make and can be costly when you consider the lost business opportunities.

Luckily, you can avoid the costly errors that threaten your brand and online reputation. All you need is a list of the most common content marketing mistakes to avoid and tips for sidestepping them. Here they are…

1. Not knowing your target audience: If you don’t understand what makes them tick, you’re not going to reach the people you want to tell your message. Figure out why they’d want to buy your offerings and what problems you need to solve if you want to generate leads and earn their trust.

2. Failing to focus on your brand: Some of the content you publish should be dedicated to developing and maintaining your brand. Your approach should be threefold:

  • Promoting your company’s reputation;
  • Raising awareness of a particular product; and,
  • Demonstrating your position as an industry leader.

Eliminate all content that doesn’t directly address one of these points.

3. Missing a post: Frequency is the name of the game, so skipping a post is another one of the content marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to maintain a strong online presence. While your day might be hectic, you should at minimum update your social medial profiles to keep the content fresh in front of your followers. They’re hungry for new information and it’s necessary to keep them engaged or you’ll fall off the map.

4. Talking only about your business: Your prospects are searching for high quality content that they can learn from and take away value. One of the biggest content marketing mistakes you can make is trying to sell to them by touting your products and company reputation. Give them quality material that interests and informs them; avoid the off-putting sales-speak.

5. Not staying on top of trends: A strategy known as “newsjacking” can help you keep your content in the limelight. Put simply, you take the latest news and trending topics that are of interest to your readers, and then develop content around that subject. It has several levels of appeal to your potential clients, as it educates them on newsworthy facts and gives them more information about your company. Another perk of staying on top of current events in your industry is that it enables you to recognize the issues that your audience is talking about on social media.

6. Failing to follow up: You want to encourage interaction from your audience, which means you need to participate in the conversation. Once you’ve posted amazing blog content or an interesting infographic, stick around to hear what your potential customers are saying. Not only do you connect with them, but you’ll also get new fodder and content ideas for future posts.

7. Avoiding buyer personas: You know from #1 above that it’s essential that you understand your target audience; however, you need to know the individuals that make up your group of potential customers as well. Content marketing companies spend time developing buyer personas so they can get a certain reaction from prospects at a personal level. Rather than assuming the interests of your entire audience coincide, think about how they might have different needs and interests that you should appeal to.

8. Focusing on the wrong analytics: It’s important to know how your marketing efforts are performing, but many companies look at the wrong numbers when trying to figure out what’s successful. If you’re looking at output rather than results, you’re missing the big picture. You want to measure how your content is moving a prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel, not just on site traffic or sales.

Hopefully, you’re not guilty of any of these content marketing mistakes, but at least you know how to eliminate them in the future. Does anyone want to admit their own errors? What are some other content marketing mistakes to avoid? 

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Jon has spoken at Content Marketing World, Online Marketing Summit, South by Southwest (SXSW), Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Social Media Marketing World, New Media Expo, Intelligent Content Conference, Content Marketing Retreat, Lavacon, ADMA (Australia), BIA Kelsey Small Business Forum, the Media Relations Summit and for many organizations, including Hubspot, Intuit, the American Marketing Association and Shop.org as well as industry groups in the areas of content marketing, mobile marketing and entrepreneurship. He has been listed as a thought leader in the content marketing space by countless publications since 2008.

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