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The Architecture of the Perfect Press Release (Writing Press Release Content for Your Content Marketing Program)

image_-_press_releaseContrary to what you might think about the media turning away from press releases, they’re actually alive and well. PR is constantly evolving to adjust to shifts in technology, and press releases should be considered a critical component of your online marketing efforts. While they’ve always been short pieces of newsworthy developments, they can be so much more by incorporating SEO principles and social media outlets.

However, to be effective, a press release should be more compelling than announcing your new product or an executive hiring. You need to transform these pieces into inbound tools to create opportunities that didn’t exist before. Use a few pointers on writing press release content to make your company look professional and appealing to your audience.

Know that your target audience is the media, not your potential customers.

The whole point of writing press release content is to attract mainstream and trade media, who will hopefully be stimulated by the news you’re announcing and want to hear more. You might get a speaking engagement or interview, which garners you more of the industry spot light. This kind of coverage can result in more consumer and public attention for your brand.

Grab your audience’s attention from the get-go with a strong headline.

A press release is no different that other forms of content in that you need a powerful header to grab the attention of your target prospects. You want to pull in journalists who are seeking high quality, cutting-edge stories to cover for their own publications, so really speak to their professional sensibilities. Make sure your headline is accurate as well; these experts can smell half-truths from a mile away.

Use quotes to emphasize your message.

Include direct quotes from a reliable source when writing press release content, as they add a sense of credibility to your announcement. They also bring a human element to your piece when readers hear the voice of a company executive or someone close to the subject matter of the content.

Get to the point right away.

If you want reporters and industry analysts to share your content with their followers, you need to start off by telling them why they should care about the news. Give them the who, what, why, when, where and how upfront, whether it’s a product launch, market development or company news. Journalists don’t have time for excess information; they’re only interested in the details they need to tell your story.

Conduct a survey to support your claims.

Publishable data attracts attention and adds credibility to your press release, and one way to include it is by conducting a survey. Use your social media profiles to ask a question and encourage interaction with your followers. Compile their responses and crunch the numbers to find what’s trending, then use this information to formulate press release topics.

Add a promotion to attract prospects.

Generate even more interests by announcing a company promotion that’s available for a limited time. You should be very clear about the details of the deal and special pricing you’re offering when writing press release content that announces a promotion. Also, make sure you use a designated code so you can track your results against other elements of your content marketing program.

Only mention the background information that’s valuable.

By the time they’re finishing up reading your press release, the reader already has the pertinent information they need to cover the story and spread the word. You might be tempted to include some other facts about your company and what prompted the release, but avoid excess that they don’t need.

Include links so your audience knows where to go for additional information.

It’s important to keep your press release content short and sweet, but you need to let readers know where they can get more details if they want them. Provide links to your site for those who are seeking additional information about your announcement and company.

It’s not difficult to create fantastic material when you’ve got the basics down about writing press release content. Do you use them as part of your content marketing program? Will you be publishing press releases now that you understand their significance? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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