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Using Professional Writing Services: As Important to Your Business as Your CRM

Humans are social creatures. From social networking sites to virtual communications systems, technology allows people to connect in new ways. But injecting the “human factor” into virtual communications is a challenge. In this maelstrom of new ideas and innovations, incorporating personality, feelings and emotion into your content, while also remaining true to your brand, is important. But it can be very difficult to do well. That’s why professional writing services are being used more than ever today.

Communicating with Customers through Web Content

Back in the days of mom-and-pop stores and main street business districts, it was the casual conversations and interactions that generated customer loyalty and a sense of community. Today, these interactions have been replaced by customer relationship management (CRM) tools and virtual connections. Whether a company is selling a product or a service, promoting a brand, providing technical support or offering customer service, CRM systems are indispensable, but they are also challenging to use.

On the other side of the picture, there is web content. Just as an ad agency would do for you, using professional writing services give your company a voice and a personality. The content professional copywriters create speaks directly to your customers and fosters a sense of community. Writers act as an indispensable and often invisible link between your company and your customers.

What is Your Content Doing for You?

Content is your business liaison. Hiring an up-market writing service is one way that business owners can discover the full potential of original, high-quality web content and the positive effect it has on customers and the bottom line. From a very young age, people, pets and most animals with vocal capabilities, learn how to interpret the nuances of speech and the energy it exudes. Machines and computers cannot capture the emotional intelligence of people. On the other hand, writers have learned to use the nuances of language and conversation so that your content captures these subtleties from its inception.

Especially in written text, it’s the small and almost undetectable elements that work together to make a lasting impression. Well-written content makes you look good, it establishes credibility, and it makes the reader feel like there is someone on the other end. After all, there is someone behind the virtual interface of a website. It’s the writer’s job to make the reader believe it. Content can sell your services, establish your business mission and share the things that make your company stand apart from the competition. If customers have a problem or an issue, content can help them find the answer.

Where is the Human Factor?

Professional writers put human emotion into each thought they write. Of course, when it comes to marketing, an in person approach is undoubtedly the most effective way to sell something. But you cant always be there, interacting with the prospect to get that done. Consulting a professional writer – one who can make the writing come alive and make it human friendly (not just optimized for search) – is one way to make up for this.

Behind every successful website is an excellent wordsmith. If you feel like something intangible is missing from your website, it’s probably the nuanced skills of a professional writer. Find out more about how Content Launch can help you achieve the professional writing you require for your company.


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